Why is it that New England’s birds in spring and summer are so much more melodic than San Francisco’s birds? It’s certainly not that SF is short on avian life, nor even noisy birds. And yet, the small birds of San Francisco seem to run to “cheep, cheep” rather than “we-Weoooooo Week! Yirrrrrrk Yirrrrrk we-Weooooo Week!”

Why is this? Is it a forest vs grass/wetland thing? A response to the more differentiated seasons? Prevailing winds luring songbirds from Mexico to prefer passing through New England on their way to resorts in Ontario and Newfoundland?

Recent MA bird sightings – a cardinal and a goldfinch sharing a tree.  Recent SF sightings – a hawk, three pelicans, the usual gulls and small shore birds and a batch of ravens, sharing a beach.