Yeah, what’s up with the name, anyway? The simple answer is that I’m living in Boston, Massachusetts; and I’m from California, specifically San Francisco.

There are more complex levels of answer. For starters, Boston is a sort of shorthand for a lot of things. Any local reading these posts will tell you that I’m actually living in Cambridge, which is very much the Berkeley, California of Massachusetts. California is a shorthand for San Francisco and the Bay Area. Going forward: I didn’t think of myself as being from California until I’d lived in Cambridge for several years. I was raised in the Midwest, and went to college in Oregon. And I find that the longer I live here, the more I find myself seeking the Californian aspects of wherever I am; or, perhaps, I identify things I like about Cambridge, or Boston, or New England, as Californian.

Wringing more meaning yet out of a simple name—I spend a certain amount of time trying to explain California to New Englanders. I spend as much time showing those same people how New England looks to somebody from California. Or, of course, griping about what’s wrong with wherever I am.

Finally, I hope that I can bring a little bit of what I love about California to New England, and vice versa. Mostly, that will have to happen via cooking and writing about food and books. We’ll have to see what sneaks in along the way.