I know – I’ve been on some kind of jam kick. Nonetheless, it’s rare enough to see a quince for sale, so I bought 2 of them. I’d read recipes which made them sound like the coconuts of the apple family, and it sounded like a challenge. The recipe I used was roughly that of Helen Witty’s excellent book Fancy Pantry . Pictures later, but for now: it was no big deal to cut the quinces, core them, and peel them. Honestly, supermarket pears are pretty much the same level of tough. I don’t know if my quinces are the rare culmination of some USDA consumer-friendly quince breeding program or something, but I couldn’t see what the fuss is about. Also, it’s a little spooky how you cut up this yellow & green fruit to reveal its white, apple-like insides, and then after boiling the suckers in sugar syrup for almost an hour, the whole pan full of stuff turns deep red. Pretty, but very odd.