Here’s a project. I got 14 pounds of tomatoes from the Sunday farmers’ market (second or utility grade, at 80 cents per pound). I cut those in half and arranged them face up on half-sheet pans. Sprinkle with some salt, then some sugar. Garnish with thyme (oregano, whatever). Put on a sliver of garlic per tomato. Sprinkle with balsamic vinegar. Pour a whole cup of (cheap) olive oil over each pan of tomatoes. And cook for a very long time (4-6 hours)in a very slow (200-250F) oven. The resulting semi-dried tomatoes and tomato-flavored oil can be used to pump up any cooked-tomato dish, and can be refrigerated or frozen long after the fresh tomatoes are gone for the season. Should yield about 2 quarts of tomato-plus-oil per half-sheet pan; allow about 6 pounds of tomatoes per half-sheet pan.