April 2006

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Dinner21 Apr 2006 10:22 pm

It’s a long time yet until the greens show up here, but we have consoled ourselves with the fruits of the deli counter. Anchovies, proper Molinari salame, cornichons, a good comte, three kinds of olives, and a couple of baguettes. No jug of wine, but Victory Pils (bought on recommendation of the wise staff at Fromagio and just what suited our mood).

Despite the sticker shock coming home from the store, we also note that fancy dan food is surprisingly economical. You see – a single anchovy, scrape of cheese, or thin slice of highly flavored sausage nicely decorates a slab of good bread. Lesser toppings tend to need more bulk to hold their own against the bread flavor, leading to much less healthy (and more expensive) sandwich construction.

Of course there is also the entertainment value of a deli meal. There is something about nice anchovies (the big fresh kind with the delicate, fruit-like flavor to the meat) that makes L. grin widely and bounce as she utters little cries of “Feeeessshhhh! Feeeeeessssshhh! Niiice Feeeeeshhhh!” Ritual fork battles over the last of the pickles are also traditional.